People of Earth! Fathoms have a brand new album coming out this summer, and the time has come for us to find us a Visual Artist for the Artwork. Instead of going the way we usually do and go to the number of artists that we call upon time and time again, we want to know if any of the Fans would like to take a crack at it?

Here’s the run down on the new album. It’s called “As Hight as Low Goes”, and is about making the best of the terrible situation you’re in. The First single, Twenty/Twenty, Two, will have an official rerelease some time soon (more contests and opportunities for you guys to get involved then). The album is still a Synthtasticly awesome collection of tracks, but with more organic instrumentals, and definitely a new and different sound. More details on the album will be revealed soon.

So here’s what we’re asking you bastards for. We want a colourful piece of work that exemplifies the feel of the new album, (making the best of the worst). It can be whatever artistic style you’d like, abstract expressionist, cubist, surreal, dadaist, constuctivist, pop art (!!!)… I’m not asking you to make it right now. I’m asking if anybody is interested.

So if you’re interested in this, send us an e-mail with what kind of idea you have for the artwork, and any reference work/your portfolio to ghostsignalrecords (at) gmail (dot) com, and we’ll work out a way for us to work together.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, from the Lightning clouds of Venus with a Bullet, we have the official music video for Fathoms and their first single from their upcoming release this summer! Head over to the link, watch the video, and download the song for free!

Click here for the Video!

This is Ghost Signal Records. Our mission is to bring you the music unheard, from the people that make music for the love of their craft, not to make a quick buck. We will strive to bring you the best electronic and indie rock music that exists in the unheard spaces of the world.

Over the next few months, watch this space as we announce our first signed artist, and their upcoming release. The first on Ghost Signal Records!

Established in March 2012, Ghost Signal Records is Based in Vancouver BC, and is currently working within the artistic community of East Vancouver, to support art and culture in the Downtown Eastside.